Monday, January 07, 2008

Can Clinton's Emotions Get the Best of Her?

The headline on one of those pieces about Hillary Clinton showing emotion. For months the media has fretted over her not showing emotion: Is she perhaps too cold, too callous, too ambitious? She was supposed to suffer from a "likeability" crisis.

So what happens when she shows some emotion, by tearing up? Oops:

How voters weigh Clinton's composure may not differ between genders, according to Georgetown's Owens.

"Male voters are basically going to see a hysterical woman," said Owens. "Women are going to think that if Clinton is going to take on this responsible role and represent women in such a visible way she should do a better job of it and not expose the gender to this criticism."

There ya go. Now could someone in the media write a piece about exactly how a female candidate may show emotion, when and where.