Thursday, January 24, 2008


Nancy and Boehner are on my teevee patting each other on the back for their bipartisan awesomeness. It's sort of mysterious why there needs to be bipartisan awesomeness in the House. I recognize that for such a thing they need to make nice with the president, because of his veto power, and with the Senate, because of ability of the minority to block things. What should happen is that the House comes up with some Democratic dream legislation, the Senate passes something a bit worse, and then the compromise in conference is something in between. Instead what happens is that the House compromises when they don't have to, the Senate compromises further, Bush stamps his feet about something, then the further compromise is even worse.

...adding, I actually know the answer to this. The governing coalition in the House is the Republicans+Bush Dogs, despite the nominal majority of the Dems.