Monday, January 21, 2008

More Edwards


It's not clear to me which candidate his withdrawal would help most at this point. And depending on what your judgment of that question is, I can see supporters of Hillary or Obama wanting him to get out. That makes sense to me.

But I don't see any reason that Edwards is under any obligation to get out of the race as long as his supporters are willing to fund his campaign.

Right. I mean, as I said I can come up with arguments for why Edwards should drop out, but those arguments require some sort of goal. I want him out to help Obama! I want him out to help Clinton! I want him out because I'm tired of looking at his face! Or, maybe even I want him out because that way it'll be more likely he'll get a position in the Cabinet!

But increasingly it seems that John Edwards should drop out... because, well, he just should that's all! Um, why? The honorable thing? WTF?