Saturday, January 26, 2008

Naked Butts and Naked Teens

We're really going to have to rethink our understanding of things like "photograph," "publication," "distribution," "commercial use," etc. Teens have cameras in every device they own. Teens get naked and have sex with each other. Teens will, stupidly, take pictures and videos of each other and, even more stupidly, send them around the world. Whatever laws we have should have related to this stuff it isn't "child pornography" and in the case of a photo of a "bare breast" it isn't even pornography, just nudity. I'm not saying there aren't genuine issues here, but they're more in the "behavior problem" category than in the "ZOMG EVERYONE WHO SAW THE BOOBY MIGHT GO TO JAIL FOR 30 YEARS CATEGORY," or at least they should be.

And this is even stupider.