Wednesday, January 09, 2008



The Times leadership has convinced itself that the duo will anchor some sort of opinion all-star squad, but I think more and more loyal readers and independent observers will come to the opposite conclusion: that Kristol and Dowd represent the troubling demise of the paper's commitment to serious, and entertaining, opinion journalism.

That the Times wants to view the crucial 2008 presidential campaign through the prism of Kristol and Dowd tells you all you need to know about the paper's priorities.

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And the P.S. is important:

P.S. Lots of progressives, myself included, spend a fair amount of lot of time instinctively defending The New York Times from ludicrous right-wing attacks by the likes of Kristol and Malkin. I guess the question going forward is, why bother?

This has long been a dilemma. Those of us on the left who defend journalism while criticizing its often less than perfect manifestations find our criticisms ignored, while at the same time mainstream media types think we should defend them from the howler monkeys on the right.

Maybe I should suggest the NYT be prosecuted for treason. Then I can haz column too?