Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blogging Is Hard Work

Sort of anyway. It does take a lot of time. One time consuming part of the "job" which I left off the original fundraising post is dealing with the community. While the comments section has largely become a world in and of itself, it still takes up quite a bit of my time. People regularly question whether I read the comments, and the answer is that I do read most of them. I don't get up in the morning and see what I missed overnight, but generally throughout the day I keep track of what's being said.

While I don't do active moderation, I do try to gently nudge things one way or another at times and of course there are posts which need to be zapped fairly frequently, which I do if I see them. And when the kids squabble people sometimes email Dad to step in to stop the fighting.

But, admittedly, mostly I read the comments because they're fun, informative, and entertaining. Commenters provide a check on me when I write something stupid, and of course provide me with lots of material which I liberally borrow and steal. While it's an incredibly time consuming part of what I do, it's also the most rewarding. If not for comments I would've gotten bored with this blogging stuff a long time ago. Not really sure why bloggers without comments bother.

Thanks to all who have contributed to FEBRUARY FUNTASTIC FUNDRAISING so far. People have been very generous. The soft push will continue until my birthday, when there will be cake, and then the begging bowl will go back into hibernation for a long time. Haven't yet taken in as much as Obama has, but it's not over yet!