Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Life Not Like The Internets


That’s what I see when I talk to actual Democrats, particularly those who don’t spend all their time on the Internet. Not only do Democrats like both candidates, not only do they think they are going to get to vote FOR someone instead of AGAINST the Republican this year, but the primary is improving that view.

I had a bunch of people over last night to watch the results, and while they were obviously all people who thought going to a Super Tuesday party was a reasonable thing to do, I don't think most of them were "obsessively following politics all day long on the internets" types. I think the room leaned Obama, though Hillary had her supporters, but no one seemed to care all that much.

Having said that, I think there are sufficient differences between the candidates that their supporters can make the case. Obama and Clinton are genuinely different. But I think it's pretty much impossible to make the case to most of the public that The Other Candidate Is Teh Suck. Most people seem to like both of them.