Monday, February 04, 2008

What Was The Independent Doing Until A Few Days Ago?

Oh, yes, supporting Rudy!

The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee today announced that Ron Silver is supporting Mayor Rudy Giuliani for President. As an advisor to the Mayor’s campaign, Silver will help promote the Mayor’s 12 Commitments to the American People and aid the effort to continue growing strong support across the country for Mayor Giuliani.

Silver, a veteran actor, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and on the Board of Directors for the United States Institute of Peace.

"Rudy had a tremendous impact as Mayor of New York City, a place I am proud to call home," said Silver, a native New Yorker. "His record of accomplishment is extraordinary and his vision will serve America well. He is committed to keeping our nation on the offense in the Terrorists’ War on Us, and I am proud to support him."

Our discourse is so stupid.