Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Winning The Bet

Not one I wanted to win, but I do wish that, say, back in 2005 more people in power would have realized that we weren't leaving Iraq. It was conventional wisdom then that in a couple of Friedmans we'd start packing it in... always in a couple of Friedmans.

I don't know if Bush stays in Iraq simply because he's stubborn, doesn't like when Poppy's pals, otherwise known as the Iraq Study Group, try to tell him what to do, and equates leaving with losing, or if he really is invested in a long term military occupation of a Middle East client state. It doesn't much matter, really, the guy is a simpleton and whatever reasons he has are probably intellectually incoherent.

But at least we didn't have a "precipitous withdrawal," so Joe Klein is happy.