Saturday, March 01, 2008


The Editors write:

Louis Farrakhan is a very scary black man who everybody assumed had been dead for twenty years, and denouncing him means about as much these days as denouncing Peter Frampton’s hair. Now, I would say something like that, wouldn’t I just?, being as I am a callow and thoughtless Gen X’er with no appreciation for the heated racial politics of the 1970’s and the pure rock-n-roll awesomeness of listening to some bell-bottom’ed tit warble into a vocoder for 20 minutes.

I used to imagine there would be some generational shift in the media, leaving behind the previous baggage, and things might improve. But from what I can tell you have the perpetually lost in the 60s crowd, the 70s anti-partisan crowd, the 80s Reagan is The Awesome crowd, the 90s Republican Revolution and Bill Clinton's Penis is a WMD Crowd, and then the 00s George Bush's crotch looks awesome in that flight suit crowd.

It's never gonna end.