Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh Well

You know, it's their job to try to make sense of the news and explain it to the rest of us. David Gregory, 7/22/07:

Mr. KARL ROVE: (July 8) I think Iraq may or may not be the big issue. It
depends on where Iraq is by March or April or May of next year. I think it's
likely not to be the dominant issue because I think--I--because of my
assumptions about where it is--where I think it's likely to be.

MATTHEWS: Where they serving Kool-Aid out there in Aspen or what? `It may
not be the big issue.'

What's he know that you know?

Mr. DAVID GREGORY: (NBC News Chief White House Correspondent): Well, that's
the question. I mean, how can Karl Rove possibly know where things are going
to be? Either he knows that the president's going to pull out, you know, a
lot faster than people think and the president's saying or that somehow things
are going to improve in a way that people can anticipate.

MATTHEWS: Mm. OK, report, David. What do you think it is? Do you think
there's a chance there is a secret plan to yank?

Mr. GREGORY: Well, yeah, I don't know there's a secret plan. I think
there's no question that Bush wants to change the footprint. In other words,
bring troops home. And I think by next spring, we're not going to be at
160,000 troops. Maybe it's less than 100,000. Our role is redefined.