Monday, March 24, 2008

Secret Obama Supporter

Just engaging the debate in the thread below, if people want to imagine that I don't really care. I've long said that if I ever felt like a candidate supporter I'd say so, but I just don't. I don't wake up in the morning hoping for bad news for the Clinton campaign, or thinking about ways to put the worst spin on things for them. I don't cheer when polls swing Obama's way, except to the extent that I think he's being knocked down by really stupid things (and the same goes for the Clinton campaign). By that I mean I don't like when either candidate gets stupid media treatment, and am therefore happy if stupid media treatment du jour doesn't negatively impact them.

I've said I tend to lean Obama more often than I lean Clinton, and that's increasingly true when the campaign insults my intelligence on a regular basis. Longtime readers of this blog should understand pretty well why Hillary Clinton isn't an obviously perfect fit for me, but longtime readers should also know why Obama isn't one either. I've been rather critical of the senator from Illinois many times.

The distance between the two candidates on most issues isn't very large, so ultimately it comes down to making a decision based on very subjective judgments about largely unknowable things. I appreciate that many people have made their personal determinations and latched on strongly to a candidate. Personally I don't really feel like the knowns push me strongly to either candidate. The unknowns push me a bit towards Obama, but the unknowns are unknown and I don't believe I have some grand insight into them that others lack.

There are people who seem to think that unless I'm balancing my criticism - one post slagging Obama, one post slagging Clinton - then I'm secretly using my platform as a way of pushing one candidate over another. Frankly I don't think there's anything I could really do to impact this race at the moment in a meaningful way (if there ever was), but if I did I don't think I'd choose that route to do it.

And screw all of you haters for mocking the Gravelmentum.

...adding, there are times when I've rooted for Obama because I want this thing to be over. Clinton can stay in the campaign as long as she likes, but I do wish she'd have focused her fire on McCain, instead of arguing that he's so awesome that Obama couldn't beat him.