Friday, March 21, 2008

The Stupidest People In The World

I was going to let this go, but I just can't. Will "Too Stupid To Tie Shoes" Saletan wrote his little "How a supergenius like me helped cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people" piece for Slate as a list of "lessons learned." All relatively innocuous until you get to the last one.

8. Consider the opportunity cost. The problem with dumb war isn't that it's war. The problem is that it costs you the military, economic, and political resources to fight a smart war. Everything Bush wrongly attributed to Iraq turns out to be true of Iran. But we can't confront Iran with the force it probably requires, because we wasted our resources in Iraq. Americans, having been suckered in Iraq, won't accept evidence of Iran's nuclear program. Countries that might have supported us in a strike on Iran won't do so now, since we led them astray. Our coffers have been emptied to pay for the Iraq occupation. Our troops are physically and spiritually exhausted. In the name of strength, Bush has made us weak.

In other words, the real problem with the Iraq war is that it's made it impossible to... repeat the mistake with Iran.

Our discourse is ruled by monstrous fools. Why can't Saletan just go back to telling women how they're supposed to feel when they have abortions?