Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who Cares What They Think?

Glenn correctly mocks Slate doing yet another round of "how could all of you intellectual and moral superhuman liberal hawks have fucked the whole world up."

But in the credit where credit is due file, we have Tim Noah.

A larger question, though: Why should you waste your time, at this late date, ingesting the opinions of people who were wrong about Iraq? Wouldn't you benefit more from considering the views of people who were right? Five years after this terrible war began, it remains true that respectable mainstream discussion about its lessons is nearly exclusively confined to people who supported the war, even though that same mainstream acknowledges, for the most part, that the war was a mistake. That's true of Slate's symposium, and it was true of a similar symposium that appeared March 16 on the New York Times' op-ed pages. The people who opposed U.S. entry into the Iraq war, it would appear, are insufficiently "serious" to explain why they were right.