Monday, April 28, 2008


I've always assumed they were a bit easier than children, though lately I'm not so sure. One demands to sit on my lap for hours each day, and not the "passive take a nap" kind of way, but in the claw comes out if you dare to try to type instead of pet me kind of way. Currently kneading my thigh. The other one, though more content with more passive contact usually, comes running when he hears me putting on my socks. Why? Well, when I'm putting on my socks my hands are at cat level. And shoes are next, so there's a bonus. And if he just wanders back and forth while I'm putting them on he inevitably gets petted. Never mind that in that process I'm likely to accidentally boot him in the head. Or that somehow in that process I managed to sprain and/or break one of my toes.

And then there are the early AM wakeups...