Sunday, April 20, 2008


One place I decided to try to avoid going was to the land of the "electability" argument. I find these discussions, though admittedly I occasionally get sucked in, to be quite tiresome. First I reject the idea that one should pick a candidate based on some imagined preferences of other voters. And second, there just isn't enough evidence out there to support the idea that either candidate is "stronger." People can have opinions about this, of course, but I don't think there's much of an argument to made either way.

And in this primary election the subtext is to some degree, whether stated or unstated, "Is the country more likely to vote for a woman or a black guy?" I don't know the answer to that and nor does anyone else. Again, people can have opinions, but there really just isn't an argument to made.

Lots of Clinton supporters seem to thin Obama is unelectable, whether because he's African-American, or because he has scary friends, or because Republicans will attack him. Lots of Obama supporters seem to think Clinton is unelectable because she's a woman, or because she has he negatives, or because Republicans will attack her.

But really... the Republicans will attack anyone and it's dumb to base your support on that idea. And none of us, not even David Brooks, can really guess who people will vote for.