Monday, April 21, 2008

Funny And True


MODUS SUCK-A-RANDI: Mention the name "Amanda Marcotte" and instantly a troll appears to explain her utter, irredeemable, innate evil -- try it, like, the next time you're on the bus or in the shower or burning a flag or otherwise going about your normal routine. It's like "Beetlejuice," but you only need to say it once and it's a lot stupider. See you in the comments, and you know who you are!

It's even worse than that. You don't even have to mention Amanda to get the reaction. Every now and then I get these random emails filled with semi-coherent rage from people who seem to just want me to agree that Amanda is the worst person ever, or something. I'm never quite sure.

Anyway, New Yorkers can go see the she-devil herself this week.