Monday, April 07, 2008

Paid Leave in NJ

This is good.

New Jersey's version would offer workers up to six weeks' leave to care for sick family members and newborn or adopted children. During the last legislative session, another version of the bill, which would have offered up to 10 weeks of paid leave, failed to clear the legislature.

The current bill would offer workers leave at two-thirds of their salary, up to $504 per week, for six weeks. Workers would pay for the program through payroll deductions, which would cost an estimated $33 per year. Workers would be limited to one leave per 12-month period.

Something which is often lost in discussions of this stuff is the fact that there a whole bunch of things that we might like to take out insurance for, but given the way that insurance markets work it probably won't be possible to do so unless there's some universality to it.