Friday, May 02, 2008

Freak Show

[bumping after update]

I'm not really sure if 16 year old comments by Mickey Kantor are especially relevant to the question of whether Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama should be the Dem nominee for president, but since Matt Drudge rules their world I suppose they're now "out there."

But one would have thought they would've been relevant to, say, whether Mickey Kantor was confirmed as Commerce Secretary once upon a time. Searching reviews of the War Room, where this clip is taken from, no reviewer thought the comment worth mentioning.

...putting on the headphones and cranking it up, the first quote from Kantor is incorrect. He says these people have got to be shitting, and he's referring to the White House. The 2nd quote doesn't really make any sense in context, so it's possible it's doctored.