Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Don't Care

I admit I really don't care at all about the DNC R&B meeting today. There's no grand principle at stake here and I have no interest in listening to people pretend that there is. The primary system is a weird hybrid of things far removed any concept of "one person one vote." And it isn't really a public election the way, say, voting for your Congressman is an election. It's a contest whereby members of a club choose the leader of that club, who then goes on to participate in a real election.

It isn't important that muckety mucks from Florida and Michigan get to go to the big party in Denver. The only real issue is if what's decided today impacts the ultimate outcome - who becomes the leader of the club - and whether that's seen as legitimate by both sides. Personally I think changing the rules midgame is not the way to do things, though if it doesn't impact the outcome it doesn't really matter, but I guess some people differ on that.