Monday, May 19, 2008

I Thought Conservatives Were Ethically Opposed to Recycling?

A)Save the Males, B) Save the Males, C) Save the Males, D) Save the Males, E) Save the Males, F) Save the Males

OK, I'll spare you the click through.
A) A woman who had five mothers and a seductive but incompetent father and three sons explains how terrible women are.**
B) A guy self publishes a book, in five editions, that urges the readers to "get mad as haell (sic)" and to use his guide in divorce proceedings against terrible women.
C) Another guy so obscure that Amazon can't even be bothered with a description of a book no one seems to have read on the topic of how terrible women are.
D) A guy who developed a "unique approach" to therapy for men due to an anxiety that anxiety is killing men faster than women because of how terrible women are.
E) A guy with a website that explains how terrible women are and how terrible women are linked up with the new world order. Bonus essay on how the illuminati murdered two presidents.
F) An article about a guy who ustabee a feminist in the seventies before discovering how terrible women were who was then not invited back on Phil Donahue to explain how terrible women are.

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**Kathleen "blood equity" Parker, for your information. The apotheosis of Its Okay if You Are a Republican since her own family life must be a doozy of a culture war disaster for her to have been "raised by her father" while having "five mothers." Still, those who can't do, teach must apply equally to moralistic scolds, sexual prudes, and racist hatemongers.