Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Peter Canellos Sells Boston Globe Sloppy Seconds

And, you know, its just as delightful as it was the first time. Channelling Peggy Noonan's weekly tear jerker in the WSJ , or as we used to call it, plagiarizing with quotes, Peter Canellos explains that because Barack Obama doesn't get all tingly down there when thinking of the Wright Brothers he can't make Peggy all tingly down there for him. Canellos really admires Peggy because, apparently, in a speech for Reagan she was actually able to find an apt quote so that just proves she has political insights denied the rest of us. For bonus points Canellos adds a new twist on an old favorite—because Obama is accused of lacking patriotism his every attempt to address the issue of what patriotism means is going to be seen as a tedious, elitist, lecture. How bo-ring these liberals are, always wanting to talk about shit when republicans and the media know that shit is for flinging.

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