Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Schaffer Moves Mountains

Troubled Bob Schaffer running for the seat being vacated by Wayne Allard in Colorado came out with an ad today.

In his first campaign ad out of the gate, U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer came out with a zippy spot touting his ties to Colorado – the fact that his daughter goes to the Air Force Academy and that he proposed to his wife Maureen on the top of Pikes Peak. Though it’s a fun spot that ought to play well with many voters, the mountain shown in the ad isn’t Pikes Peak at all, but Mt. McKinley – in, yes, Alaska.

He's pulled the ad.

Mark Begich
is honored on behalf of AK:

"While Alaskans can understand why Bob Schaffer would promote our beautiful mountain, I hope he doesn’t expect Alaska to cede North America’s highest peak to the State of Colorado."

Updated to correct status of seat. Thanks to apostate in comments.

Update 2: Colorado press is on the story.