Saturday, May 24, 2008

They Run The World

I admit to being a bit more sensitive in those rather dark post-9/11 to election of 2006 days to the political content of various things than I should have been. I was a dirty fucking hippie after all, booted out of the party by Peter Beinart (excuse link to freeperville, only place I could find it), called a crazed, ignorant ideological cannibal by Jon Chait, and witnessed how our mainstream media though it cute and funny that French Fries were renamed "Freedom Fries" in the House cafeteria and giggled as people destroyed their Dixie Chicks CDs. So, yes, I can imagine that I was a bit sensitive about such things at times.

But, you see, their side ran the fucking world then. And, mostly, they still do. It's why I gaze with fascination at their continuing attempts to maintain cultural purity. How about taking responsibility for the mess you created, instead?