Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I was in a NetRootsNation in Second Life organizational meeting when the email came through that Childers (MS-01) had won. Was in the middle of a spiel about organization or something, but interrupted it to note that my little email widget had AP calling the race for Childers. "Yays" ensued.

Post-meeting snooze over, I just looked to see what the margin was.

By 8 points. 54-46.

Childers increased the initial electoral margin.

DavidNYC at the Swing State Project
breaks it down.

Bullet point 1:

This district has a PVI of R+10. It voted for Bush 62-37 in the last election. Only seven Democrats sit in comparably red seats - and not a single Republican sits in a seat as blue as this one is red. And almost every major prognosticator (at least at the start) treated this as a safe seat.

Read 'em all.

Even Uncle (Toobz) Ted in AK is in trouble urr, under indictment, with cleancut, youthful Mark Begich on the case.

In other news, my dinner was crustacean-free. And not on any damn roof.

I also took no photos. You've seen grilled cheese.