Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Arab Street Conspiracy Theories


In the hawk faction of the U.S. politics you have radical clerics musing about the apocalypse playing a key role in the process to determine who the GOP standard-bearer will be. And even in the more dovish faction, the lead contenders won't acknowledge our own intelligence findings about the Iranian nuclear program. Someone, someone in Iran is penning a furious blog post or article or memo about how you just can't appease the Americans, how we're irrational and our political system is dysfunctional, about how we were determined to invade Iraq irrespective of the facts and we're not invading Iran right now just because it's not logistically feasible and that restarting a crash weapons program before it does become feasible is Iran's only hope.

Yes I realize Iran is Persian, not Arab, but, hey, what's the difference. The inability of the elites in our country to spend 5 minutes thinking about just what things look like to people in other countries and how they might quite reasonably see the country as a powerful lunatic is maddening.