Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Could You Tell Us Where They Are?


Inspectors from UNMOVIC and the IAEA were back on the ground in Iraq, saying their findings didn't confirm American suspicions. The administration pushed back. So UNMOVIC and the IAEA sensibly asked the Americans to share intel with them and they'd check out whatever leads Bush wanted them to check out. But there were no leads to check out! The press not only managed to completely ignore this, but to continues ignoring the fact that this ever happened up until this very day.

I'm sure if one would look back into the archives of the leading lights of the blogosphere one would find elaborate explanations for why This All Makes Perfect Sense. Probably something involving the IAEA being in league with Saddam, or whatever. But of course it didn't make any sense. The Bushies were just, you know, making shit up. I know every time someone says that a little part of Fred Hiatt dies inside, but oh well.