Friday, June 13, 2008


I suppose I'm in the against column when it comes to Obama's donut hole plan for Social security taxes. When it comes to the general Social Security issue I suppose on the liberal side there are two broad camps. One camp includes people like me who think the system is financially sound and it isn't a pressing problem. More than that, no matter how fiscally sound it's made to be long run, conservatives and the Right won't stop trying to destroy it. Then there are the group of people who believe the system is something to worry about, at least a bit, and that the way to end the Social Security debate forever and destroy prevailing "IT'S DOOOMED" Beltway conventional wisdom is to put enough more money into the system so that's 100% sound 4evah.

Certainly I think if we are going to increase Social Security taxes doing it Obama's way is the right way to do it. A case can also be made that this is just a kind of back door way to raise taxes on the rich; they've gotten tax breaks by raiding the Social Security trust fund and it's time for them to pay it back.

So on balance I lean against, but it's not without merit.

...adding, I also oppose because I worry that any opening up of this door provides opportunity for mischief. A desire to win leads to bad Broderesque compromise with awful consequences.