Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Little Tommy Friedman

Little Tommy Friedman, age 9, is busy performing amateur mass psychology on the nation of Iraq. He seems to think the Iraqis are sad and mad because we liberated them instead of letting them liberate themselves. It's nice that Tommy Friedman likes this happy rhetoric of liberation, though it's a bit different from the days when he was saying we invaded Iraq so our soldiers could go door to door telling Iraqis to Suck. On. This. I don't know how much our soldiers actually did this, but in any case Little Tommy Friedman can't get himself to understand that maybe Iraqis are sad and mad because we invaded and occupied their country and then hundreds of thousands of people died. And over 5 years later they still don't have security or sufficient electricity.

I was struck by this bit in particular.

That also helps explain why Iraqis initially never took ownership of their governing institutions, like the Coalition Provisional Authority, or C.P.A. They never fought for it.

It's a pretty wild world in Tommy Friedman's head, one where Iraqis could have taken "ownership" of Viceroy Bremer's CPA, a division of the US Department of Defense.

But more than that, we may remember that many Iraqis did, in fact, fight for it. They didn't fight for it in the way Tommy Friedman imagines they should have, which I think involves having a staring contest or something. They fought for it by killing a lot of people and blowing a lot of things up.

War is awesome! Thanks Tommy! SUCK ON THIS!

And New York Times? You SUCK ON THIS too!

(ht JCN)