Thursday, June 12, 2008

One of the Good Ones

Hopefully many of you remember giving some change to help Donna Edwards win a primary. Hopefully you remember that she won against incumbent Al Wynn, and that she's going to win a special election on Tuesday to finish out his term before winning the "real" election in November.

For her supporters, many of whom are wildly optimistic that the 49-year-old represents a new face of progressive politics, her self-assurance is often borne out.

That was true on the football front in Glenarden. After shaking hands and addressing the crowd briefly, Edwards approached a group of young boys lined up on a playing field. "I want to see who can catch this pass, okay?" she called out before sending the football spiraling and soaring over the heads of the younger children to the older boys in the back.

"She got arm!" whistled a man watching the pass.

Her 22-point victory against Wynn in the Feb. 12 primary was so resounding that it has been hard for many residents in the 4th Congressional District, which encompasses parts of Prince George's and Montgomery counties, to remember that the win formally earned her only the Democratic nomination.