Tuesday, June 03, 2008

SEPTA Does Something Right

SEPTA, the local transit authority, isn't exactly known for its innovations in customer service. Well, actually, I suppose it is though those innovations are generally not considered to be positive ones. So, yes, dropping weekend rail prices and especially removing the stupid onboard surcharge is a good move.

One of the worst things about SEPTA is that it's really hard to buy a ticket/token. They got rid of all the regional rail ticket machines after they didn't work with the new money. Many stations don't have a ticket sales window, and certainly not at all hours, and they added a surcharge for those paying on the train. Subway workers won't actually sell you a token and not all stations have token machines.

All of this isn't so bad for regular riders who can figure out how to navigate the idiosyncrasies and who either buy a pass or know to keep a token stash on hand, but for potential occasional riders, the type who cruise into the city on weekends, they're a big barrier.