Monday, June 23, 2008

The War On Curb Cuts

David Alpert continues it.

I believe in at least some areas here in Philadelphia there's been a change of attitude towards them. From what I understand it's still easy to get a curb cut if you're on a block which already has a lot of them, but if there aren't many on your block already they're much less likely to grant permission. Hard to find info on this stuff though, which is why I don't write a blog called "Greater Greater Philadelphia."

In the city this micro stuff really matters. A few too many curb cuts can really destroy a block.

...curb cuts are when you cut the curb of the sidewalk so that a property owner/builder can put in a garage or a parking spot in the front of the house. Generally takes away one public on street parking spot and replaces it with a private one. Decreases pedestrian and automobile safety, and makes a street much less aesthetically pleasing (the garages and parking spaces that result, not the cut curb itself).