Thursday, July 10, 2008

Misery Doesn't Make Me Happy

Occasionally I get emails from people who think I have a tendency to cheer on various economic catastrophes and that I should have a bit more concern for people affected by them.

Aside from a bit of schadenfreude over people who should've known better regarding mortgages and HELOCs (and, no, this isn't most people affected by the housing/mortgage crisis, just some), I'm really not cheering on anything. I don't like it when people lose their jobs, or when people can't fill their gas tank, or when people see their 401Ks shrink. I've never been one to hope the system collapses so that we can rebuild it anew.

Yes, there's a tone of levity at times, but it's of the "downing the last bottle of scotch as the ship sinks into the water" variety. A morbid laugh, not a happy one.