Monday, August 18, 2008

Because Highways Are Free

A glibertarian candidate for something in California. Really needs to work on his writing skills.

We have practical highways throughout the region, but to find funding for the extension of the Metro Gold Line is not practical. We would have a better idea of the costs of light rail if we would start charging users the actual cost of riding the bus line. Once we would establish this acceptable price by those who choose to use the bus, then we could get a correct method for calculating the costs of extending the line from Pasadena to Montclair.

We just don't use buses with a frequency that causes even a slight profit. If public transportation were really needed or even moderately desired, the market demand would make it happen. When the iPhones went on sale, did we have to levy taxes to get people to buy them? We didn't have to raise taxes to put a computer in virtually every home, either. Good ideas are swarmed by people wanting to use them.