Monday, August 18, 2008

Raptured Up Into The Cabinet

Awhile back at Drinking Liberally I mentioned that one extra advantage of having a Democratic president is that you can put some senators who have been in office way too long in the Cabinet and provide an opportunity for some more fresh faces. That means senators who a) aren't actually awful so having them in the Cabinet isn't bad, b) have been in the Senate a long time, and c) live in states with Dem governors so their temporary replacements will be Dems, and d) live in relatively blue states so a Dem would be able to win an election.

It being Drinking Liberally it was too hard to come up with the list. So who should be on it?

Prime example: Joe Biden, who has been there since 1973.

Extra credit assignment: Republican senators who live in relatively blue states with Democratic governors who could be convinced to join the Cabinet.