Monday, October 20, 2008

15 Days

I've long been optimistic about this election, thinking that Barack Obama was likely, though not guaranteed, to win it. Obviously current polling confirms that view. Admittedly while I've long thought he would likely win, thinking it and believing it are not quite the same thing.

It's important to get ready for what's to come. In 2000, once the dust settled from the election, it was quite frightening to watch the press assume their roles as official courtiers and sycophants. After all of those years of contempt and disdain for Clinton, they welcomed the Bush administration with a gushing love which was truly surreal. Bush didn't get a 100 day honeymoon, he got one which lasted until 9/11... and then got a bit extended.

It won't be like that with Obama. The failed Obama presidency begins the day after the election. Just wait for it.