Monday, October 13, 2008


I've noticed this in a couple of polls lately, that Obama's favorable ratings are high, and quite a bit higher than the percent who say they're going to vote for him.

* Obama's favorable rating are rising (!) while McCain's are faltering. Nearly two-thirds of voters (64 percent) view Obama favorably in the latest poll while 33 percent view him unfavorably. In a September Post poll, Obama's fav/unfav was at 58/36. Compare that to McCain's favorable ratings, which slipped from 59 percent in September to 52 percent now, and his unfavorable ratings, which rose from 36 percent last month to 45 percent now.

I find that to be a little weird for various reasons, but it's nice that there's at least a tiny bit of expressed goodwill even from people who don't count themselves as supporters.