Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ezra's right that the DC height limit is stupid. But that doesn't mean that the only alternative is "build as high as you want anywhere you want." People rightly don't necessarily want 35 stories going up next to them for a variety of reasons. But pockets and corridors of taller buildings/higher density would make a lot of sense.

...adding, since I'm on this topic (and you can't make me stop!), one little goal here is to convince people that there are some potential benefits of higher density. People wouldn't live in cities otherwise. Density has its downsides, but it's also what allows nice walkable neighborhoods with retail and restaurants and bars and supermarkets. High residential density can support a local economy. My "yard" is a small concrete block, but I'm 10 minute walk from 2 major chain supermarkets, several nice restaurants, an outdoor market area, a Vietnamese supermarket, multiple bars, a few coffee shops, etc.