Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Sorry Your Life Sucks

As always, I get surprised that people get so angry by posts which say nothing more than "these are smart policies which make good urban living better." I don't care if you live in a city. I don't care if you live in my neighborhood. I don't care if you think that raising your children in a suburb is better for you. My liking my choice of location says nothing more than I have expressed my location preferences by choosing to live here. I'm sorry that makes you mad. I'm not mad at you for liking where you live.

We've spent a lot of public money over the years encouraging one kind of development. We've also done a lot of dumb things which have tried to convert urban areas into a kind of horrible suburbs-lite, such as requiring massive amounts of parking for any new development. I'm not trying to take away your suburban existence, or chastising you for choosing it. I just want existing options to be better and for a greater range of them to be available and affordable to more people.