Saturday, November 08, 2008

Our Stupid Discourse

The discussion on MSNBC yesterday after Obama's press conference reminded me that the people who are paid lots of money to explain politics to us have zero grasp of policy. Essentially Chris Matthews was opining that Obama might change his tax plan because the way he described it yesterday was different than that whole Marxist-Socialist-Commie redistributive stuff that he talked about in the campaign. Of course Obama didn't talk about his plan that way in the campaign, John McCain did. Obama said nothing yesterday to suggest that his actual tax plan might change, though of course it might. Even if you buy the idea that he was spinning his plan slightly differently than he was during the campaign (he wasn't), that doesn't change the fact the plan itself has yet to change. But for Chris Matthews and the gang this was evidence that maybe Obama wasn't as much of a socialist as they thought.

Gonna be a Big Dumb Four Years! Even That One can't change that.