Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Please Stop the Stupid

There seems to be this grand debate flowing through some of left blogistan which seems to go something like this:

Liberal blogs must be more critical of Obama!
Liberal blogs won't stop whining about Obama! They should be supportive!

As is always the case, it's my blog and I'll do whatever the fuck with it. Same goes for every other person with a blog. More than that, it's just blogs on the internets and it really doesn't matter that much anyway. Some people are going to feel inclined to nitpick every appointment. Some people are going to feel inclined to wait for the guy to, you know, take office before freaking out every 5 minutes. And it's all good!

Any time the phrase "what the blogs should do..." comes to mind you should probably not type it out. Start your own damn blog and do with it what you want!