Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Rules

Quite often development patterns are based on misguided rules from the 50s. City Line Ave., a city border street, is a perfect example. And here's a very simple rule which has made it crappy for many years:

What it came up with were proposed changes to the area's 1950s-era zoning that enables the essentials of smart-growth development, such as high-density housing and high-rise office buildings, which limit construction's footprint and increase the likelihood of pedestrian activity.

On both sides of City Avenue, current parking and building setback requirements make it nearly impossible to develop a truly walkable community of housing that sits atop stores, all within a comfortable stroll of offices and the two SEPTA rail lines serving the area.

The new zoning proposal reduces how much buildings are set back from the road to eliminate the unappealing seas of asphalt that front so many office complexes and shops along City Avenue.

Setbacks and parking requirements destroy walkable communities.