Sunday, November 30, 2008

You Can Keep Your SUPERCARS

A reader wrote in suggesting that I shouldn't be pitting cars and mass transit against each other, but instead highlight how providing people with additional options would often make things better for drivers. And it is true that a lot of the policies I support would make things better for many drivers. My SUPERTRAIN doesn't require that your highway be knocked down. I have nothing against cars, I just dislike policies which lead to car dependency. Higher parking rates make it more expensive to park, but also easier to find parking places.

Not everyone minds living in car dependent locations. Fortunately for them, they have plenty of those options and will continue to do so even after decades under my benevolent dictatorship. Not everyone wants to live in New York City, and fortunately for them my plan to convert the country into Manhattan will probably not be very effective.

So, don't worry people, there will still be plenty of highways and parking! Enjoy it!