Friday, December 19, 2008

Local Pub

One of the enduring mysteries to me is how so much of our population voluntarily chooses to live in places where walking - or even taking a cab - home from a bar, any bar, really isn't an option. While I believe there is a shortage of walkable communities in many parts of the country, with many people being priced out of what little good urban living is available, I also believe that many people really like the archetypal American suburban neighborhood. This desire for complete separation of residential/retail is just weird to me.

...adding, I don't mean that I find it weird that people want to live in suburbs, I mean that I find it weird that so many people want to live in the post-1950s style suburbs which are prevalent in many places, instead of places which more resemble older inner ring suburbs or European-style suburbs. Still very suburban, but with walkable access to retail at least in parts.