Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Bigoted Media-Industrial Complex

Being anti-gay is perfectly acceptable, and nothing pleases The Villagers more than punching hippies in the face, so it's a two-fer. Greg Sargent:

Such a decision would be met not just with screams from the right, but outrage from middle-of-the-road pols and pundits all over the country. But the pick of Warren is only generating outrage from the left, so it doesn't matter, and indeed, it's good for Obama politically, we're told.

I don't actually think it was a good step politically, even though I agree that often punching hippies in the face is, sadly, politically smart. But it would be nice if someone like, say, EJ Dionne, would confront Warren's bigotry and suggest it isn't the change we can believe in. But I assume it'll just be the dirty fucking hippies and Teh Gay. Because anti-gay bigotry is very centrist!