Sunday, December 28, 2008


Wandering around San Francisco, one of those places where no one wants to live because it's too expensive, I'm reminded yet again how absurd it is that in so many places it's illegal to build anything resembling like how much of San Francisco is laid out, which is not so different from Philadelphia really (street grid, attached 2-3 story homes). And so when people get crazy ideas about building around train stations they needed to change zoning.

HUNTERSVILLE A Charlotte developer is proposing to build a transit-oriented retail, commercial and residential development with 772 apartments and 150 townhomes beside a planned commuter rail station.

Harris Development Group's Sam Furr Station also would include 135,500 square feet of offices and 99,500 square feet of commercial and retail businesses, according to documents the developer has filed with the Huntersville Planning Department.

The 53-acre Sam Furr Station would be on N.C. 115 across from the Caldwell Station community.

Don't know the area at all, but the key will be that similar development will be allowed nearby in addition to this one project so that an urbanish area can grow somewhat organically.