Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Who Cares What Chris Bowers Thinks?

Or me. Or Markos. Or anyone, really. I remain deeply puzzled by the number of people who seem to get incredibly upset if someone is critical of Obama. I mean, argue with people if you disagree with them, but there seems to be this weird notion that if some blogger with high traffic says mean things about Obama then his administration will fall.

I'm personally not spending my days looking for things to fault Obama for, but other people might be! They have slightly different priorities than I do, different beliefs about the importance of various things. And, you know, they're bloggers so they have to write about something!

Anyway, after years and years of blogging I've developed a pretty thick skin, as I assume Chris has, but the one thing which tends to gnaw at me is when people make bad faith accusations, assuming that everything I'm writing about or not writing about is part of some grand strategy to get an administration job, or become a Real Live Tevee pundit, or some other weird motive which never makes any sense to me. If those were my goals I'd use the word 'fuck' a lot less.