Saturday, January 10, 2009


Digby reminds us of the Schiavo situation. It was one of those cases when the Village media was utterly out of touch with public opinion, hyping the size (and sanity) of all of the protesters and assuming, wrongly, that the public was on their side. The issue was not whether the public though Terry Schiavo should have her feeding tube removed, the issue was whether they thought it should be decided on the floor of Congress. People might not have agreed with Michael Schiavo's decision, but at the very least they agreed with his right to make it without it being a national media spectacle and fodder for Republicans in Congress. It was about family and privacy. When it went to Congress I did what I never do and pleaded with every Congressional staffer I knew (not many) to have their members stay the fuck out of this as I knew the public was going to be repulsed by it, which they were.