Sunday, March 01, 2009

Red Scabs

So according to imbeciles of the Erick Erickson class, this shit from Ann Coulter is Funny:

The crowd loves her. “I’ve bee[n] watching the MSNBC coverage of CPAC. Is there any other network where you know every host was at the alternative prom?”

What Coulter means is that Rachel Maddow is an out lesbian. To be blunt.

And fair enough!

Because, well, let's be blunt. In the future, the Rachel Maddow side will be the winning side, and the Ann Coulter side will be the losing side. Why? Because the Maddow side is the side of tolerance, class, intelligence, and the Ann Coulter side will be always be the Ann Coulter side.

Suck. On. That.