Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teenage Wasteland

I definitely sympathize with those who think it's crazy to let 16 year olds drive - cars kill a lot of them! - but I also am not a fan (know from experience!) of the adverse social and psychological effects of being carless in suburbia. In my utopian urban hellhole, where George Soros's ACORN army will soon be marching you all for reeducation and relocation, teens wouldn't really need to drive as they could get around by walking or on buses and SUPERTRAINS and whatnot. In Indiana:

Under the bill, teen drivers with learner’s permits would be required to have 50 hours of supervised driving experience — 10 of those hours at night — with a licensed driver age 25 or older before obtaining a driver’s license. That would take effect in July 2010 under the revised bill.

It also would raise the minimum age for a probationary license from 16 years and one month to 16 years and six months.

Thank Jeebus for the internet, I guess.